Our Philosophy

At Dunnavan, we conduct careful and thorough research aiming to make a relatively small number of wise decisions based on our clients’:

Investment Goals
Investment Goals
Income Needs
Risk Tolerance
Risk Tolerance
Time Horizon

“If you hear anybody tell you what the market is going to do over the next year, my advice is to run the other way.”

— Curt Dunnavan, Chairman of the Board

We are “bottom-up” investors.

Taking into account general economic information, we pick individual stocks that have desirable fundamentals and wait to buy them at the correct price.  If we don’t find bargains in the market, we don’t buy.

Diversification and concentrated portfolios.

We seek the right level of diversification to protect from major fluctuations in any one sector, yet aim for enough concentration to allow for growth.

If we don’t understand it, we don’t buy it.

The complexity of many modern financial instruments often only benefits the institution that sells these instruments.  We are careful in selecting only investments that we feel we can understand and that make sense.